The street trees

There was an impressive avenue of mature melaleucas lining  a street not far from us. I’ve previously commented on how good they were.

As it was

But no longer – they’ve all been cut down!    I just don’t “get it”.   There’s nothing that I can find on the Council’s website to explain this drastic action.   Yet normally, the Council is quite conscientious about street trees, so what the story is behind this action has me baffled.

Trees all gone!
Work in progress


Autumn leaves

We’ve got plane trees in our street.  They’re tough and provide a nice canopy in the hotter months but are unpopular with some because their leaves make a big mess in autumn (and can’t be easily composted).

However, the Council does its best, and again this year sent a couple of guys along to hand sweep the leaves out of the gutter so that the street sweeping machine could scoop them up.   Fair enough, but there are still a good many leaves yet to fall…..!

Avenue of Honour

I visited the Australian War Memorial and was particularly interested that they’ve got a photographic display featuring trees from the Avenue of Honour at Ballarat.   We often take these avenues for granted.

img_9956aThe photographs are impressive and the captions set out the service history of the soldiers to whom the depicted trees are dedicated (apparently quite a lot of research was required in some cases).

However, the photos are all of individual trees.   While this is interesting and moving, they appear to have been selected because of their “evocative” appeal.    I guess it’s the photographer’s choice how he chooses to approach the subject, but to me it seems somewhat of a pity that in this case the fact has been overlooked that the whole point of such avenues is that they are in fact an “avenue” – not just a a number of random trees (apparently 22 in the present case, out of over 3800).


Spider web

We were really impressed by the large, carefully-constructed spider web in our courtyard.   The spider had obviously gone to a lot of trouble.

img_9709aIt didn’t intrude on our activities so we decided to leave it there, but unfortunately later in the day it had gone.  Perhaps one of the birds that frequent the area (encouraged by the bird bath)  had flown into it?