Balmain and all that

S was off investigating the retail therapy opportunities (with M) so I was left to my own devices.    In the interests of doing something that I’d never done before, I headed to Balmain, just to see where those basket-weavers come from.    A quick trip on the 442 bus from the QV Building, until slowing to a crawl through the traffic in Darling St – yes, caught up behind all the Beemers and SUVs.    And lots of Saturday morning latte drinking, too.

The Balmain market seemed very quiet indeed.   Perhaps everyone’s got enough of the up-market products on offer?

The total time required to tick Balmain off my “list” (including walking from the Balmain East wharf to the top of Darling St) was less than an hour, so I was back on the bus and coincidentally ran into S and M and enjoyed an opportunistic coffee.

Balmain East Wharf from Barangaroo Reserve

So, what next?     It ended up being the new Barangaroo Reserve (next to the construction site for the new casino).   Yeah, nice (hard to believe that it was once a container terminal) but it will probably be better when the trees have had a chance to grow.  And then, just because it was there, a walk across the Bridge (windy and cage-like), a train back from Milson’s Point (only to Wynyard, because of track maintenance), followed by a rest and a decision-making process about dinner!

Daring St, quieter down at the Balmain East wharf end
Old Watch house, Darling St, Balmain
Balmiain – a decision between 4 bins for your garbage!
Humour in Balmain
Barangaroo Reserve
Circular Quay from Harbour Bridge footpath
Bridge footpath is certainly “enclosed”, and very visible security, too

The street trees

There was an impressive avenue of mature melaleucas lining  a street not far from us. I’ve previously commented on how good they were.

As it was

But no longer – they’ve all been cut down!    I just don’t “get it”.   There’s nothing that I can find on the Council’s website to explain this drastic action.   Yet normally, the Council is quite conscientious about street trees, so what the story is behind this action has me baffled.

Trees all gone!
Work in progress


Autumn leaves

We’ve got plane trees in our street.  They’re tough and provide a nice canopy in the hotter months but are unpopular with some because their leaves make a big mess in autumn (and can’t be easily composted).

However, the Council does its best, and again this year sent a couple of guys along to hand sweep the leaves out of the gutter so that the street sweeping machine could scoop them up.   Fair enough, but there are still a good many leaves yet to fall…..!