Long-established local restaurant Giorgios has undergone a major refurbishment.  I see on the website that it’s described as a “fresh new look”.    The website even invites you to browse through the renovation, but contrary to the usual case when pictures are posted on the internet, I think that the new atmosphere is better “in the flesh” than on the website!

We’ve been there a couple of times since it re-opened, once for coffee and once for a meal.   Service is as good as in the past and the new atmosphere is, well, “fresh”.   As well as extending the area, it breaks the spaces up quite well.

Fresh new look?

The food is fine too.   You wouldn’t call it adventurous, but it’s certainly of a high standard, and the quantities are generous!  Prices have crept up a bit, but that’s probably fair enough, although corkage if you BYO at $15 a bottle seems a bit of a “hit”.


That Tiger flag!

I’m not a Richmond supporter, but of course my heart was with them in the Grand Final.    However, I wasn’t optimistic, and I told the newsagent last week that the Tigers ought to enjoy the celebrations after winning their Preliminary Final because things would be different after the Grand Final.

But I was wrong, I’m pleased to say.   However, we weren’t watching. Due to an oversight on my part, I had booked an MTC play for 4 pm on the Saturday afternoon!     We left for the theatre at quarter-time, when the Crows were ahead.  Only at the interval did we find out that at three-quarter time, the Tigers had a convincing lead, and by the time the play had finished, the result was known.

However, the match was replayed next day, so we watched the last part of it then.

Well done Tigers!

Maps in the street

The Council has recently erected a number of maps in the shopping strip not far from us.    Of course, maps like this have been around in the CBD for some years, and I’ve seen people (presumably from “out-of-town”) consulting them.   But in our local area?   My initial reaction was that I didn’t think we get many people who would be so unfamiliar with the area that they’d need to consult a map!

In fairness, though, I know that I’ve been in places where the locals think the location of everything is obvious but the local geography has been unclear to me – such as emerging from the Underground.   But around here?

I suspect the Council’s motivation may be along the lines that it wants to be seen as “doing something” in support of the traders!



Local laws – and feeding animals

I volunteered some time ago to participate in surveys run by our local Council.    Leaving aside the issue as to whether the Council ought to be conducting surveys using self-chosen respondents, a recent survey raised a number of possible revisions to “local laws”.  One question was to the effect whether there ought to be a local law making it an offence to feed animals in public places.  It was explained that this was aimed at people who fed pigeons and feral cats.

I wondered how I ought to respond.   Ought the Council get into the business of micro-managing people’s lives to this extent?   But at the end of the day, I decided that the “good” outweighed the “bad”, and that feral cats and the flock of pigeons at the local station – encouraged by a person who regularly feeds them – ought to be discouraged.

Tactfully (?) the explanation didn’t comment on whether any such law would also discourage the feeding of possums in the park, an issue that over the years has been controversial in Carlton North.