Tree removal

We’d been putting off removing a Japanese maple that had grown too large for its position.   However, the work eventually just had to be done, so the guys turned up.  There were four of them, and they came equipped with a big chipping machine which they parked in front of the house.  We asked them to remove a couple of other trees and some creeper as well as the Japanese maple.   They had powerful saws and the like, and breezed through the work.

Everything – including the trunk of the Japanese maple, which was quite substantial – disappeared into the chipper!

I was most impressed when the whole task took just under an hour.





The Op Shop

As I’ve said, we’re doing some cleaning out, as it looks as though the house is going to need some substantial work.   So some things have been going to one of the local op shops.  We’ve collected quite a few jigsaw puzzles over the year.   I think this is common;  it’s fun to do a new puzzle, but then you put it away, intending “one day” to come back to it – but you never do!

Anyway, as part of the cleanup, S took a number of jigsaw puzzles up to the op shop.  They were appreciative, but let it drop that one of the volunteers was going to count the pieces to see how many was missing!    Some of these puzzles had 1000 pieces (and, so far as we’re aware, there weren’t pieces missing from any of them) – so some counting!

I’m sure the op shop customers will appreciate knowing that the puzzles are complete, and perhaps the shop will sell them for a dollar or two more than might be the case otherwise.  However, I do wonder if this is the most productive use of a volunteer’s time!

Sweeping the leaves

By now most of the plane trees in out street have shed their leaves, and the gutters are nearly clear again.  However, not a lot of thanks are due to the Council.  True, they send their street sweeping machine along, but it’s hopeless around parked cars.  The residents (or at least some of us) end up sweeping the leaves up.  Perhaps it’s our civic duty!

The street-sweeper has been past, but the cars are in the way!
The parked car has gone, but the leaves were there, and you can see the path the machine took!


It was a few years ago when I first blogged about the rain gardens the Council has established as part of the street drainage in our area.   In fact, I hadn’t realised that it was as long ago as 2011, although I see I have since re-visited the topic.   Where have the years gone?

Be that as it may, we recently had a decent fall of rain overnight, and I was please to see, next morning, that the rain garden appeared still to be functioning as it ought.


The wind (2)

Well, I don’t what it is, but we’ve had another big branch fall from a local tree in our area.  Last time, it was a tree in the railway reserve;   this time, it was a branch from one of the plane trees in the street.

Sure, it was a bit breezy for a while, but there didn’t seem to be any particularly strong gusts.   Perhaps these things “just happen”.    Anyway, it took the Council a while to get around to cleaning up what after all is their problem.  Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any damage, apart from the inconvenience of the blocked footpath.


I was taking a photo of the collection of supermarket trolleys in the carpark.  Nothing unusual, because they’re always there, cluttering things up.  But someone spotted me, and informed me that he’d often complained to the Council about the trolleys that seem to clutter up our streets.

And yes, in the past, I’ve tried to report “abandoned” trolleys on Trolley Tracker, but it’s an exercise in futility.   The trolleys around here have trolley locks, but presumably it’s possible to lever the coin out?  Or else just plug the trolley into one that’s already there?

Is the only answer to insert devices on them so that the wheels lock if taken beyond a certain point?

And in the Sunday newspoer, it was reported that down Mentone way, there’s a lady who takes it on herself to return the trolleys!