Garage door

The garage door was clunking and was erratic in adhering to the “limits”, that is it sometimes banged against the stop  when going up or down, instead of at the programmed point.

The service guy told us that the mechanism that sets the limits was worn and couldn’t be repaired so the only option was to get a complete new motor.   Somewhat reluctantly, we agreed to this and in due course the brand new motor arrived and was installed.  Needless to say, technology has moved on, so we also got a new chain mechanism.   However, the results are great:  everything is much quieter and smoother.

As he was leaving the technician offered me a word of advice:   the mechanism needs to be serviced every year or so.    The reason for the wear in the old motor was because the various components, such as the door springs as well as the operating chain, had got out of alignment, thus putting extra stress on the control mechanism.

Lesson learned:   devices such as this need to have a little loving care now and then!



Well, lots of rain was forecast, and  we got some, but the forecasts primed us for a lot more.     I wasn’t at home for all the time, but it seems to me that, although there were a couple of heavy showers, these were quite short, and  from this report, it seems there was about 66mm in the city.    Apparently this is a lot for this time of year, but it didn’t really seem to amount to some form of a crisis (even though heavier falls were recorded elsewhere).

So, I really wonder why the SES found it necessary to text me with messages about floods.   These text messages can  now be directed at phones in particular locations, so I was left wondering how I “qualified” to receive them!

Some high rivers in the north-east

On a somewhat related note, in the lead-up to the predicted rainy conditions, I glanced at the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather radar map from time to time.   The technology that enables radar to detect rainfall is obviously interesting, although I don’t understand how it works.


However, I’m not convinced of its accuracy.  On several occasions, heavy rain was shown to be falling where I was, but looking out the window, all that could be seen was light drizzle.


Those street trees

I blogged recently about all the mature melaleucas that were cut down in a nearby street.  Since then massive rebuilding works have been occurring there, first the drains, now the road surface.

Perhaps the trees had to go in order for these works to happen?

Anyway, as part of the works, new trees have been planted – but it will be years before they reach the maturity of the previous melaleucas.


Most years we’ve “participated” in the Hallowe’en “festivities”:  that is, put some balloons at our gate and given handouts to all and sundry.   However, this year, we’d been busy during the day, and have been doing a few other things recently, so we didn’t put anything on the gate and closed it.

In fact, my impression is that not as many of our neighbours participated as in previous years.

Nevertheless, the children were out there.






Some arrived by car!    Hmmm, is that really in keeping with the spirit of the occasion?   I see the occasion as a way to be neighbourly, waving to the parents at the gate.

So as I’ve said before, I’m not at all sure about about the groups who seem to arrive by car then, after getting their hand-outs, get into the car just outside the gate and drive off!   But no point in getting grumpy about it



Long-established local restaurant Giorgios has undergone a major refurbishment.  I see on the website that it’s described as a “fresh new look”.    The website even invites you to browse through the renovation, but contrary to the usual case when pictures are posted on the internet, I think that the new atmosphere is better “in the flesh” than on the website!

We’ve been there a couple of times since it re-opened, once for coffee and once for a meal.   Service is as good as in the past and the new atmosphere is, well, “fresh”.   As well as extending the area, it breaks the spaces up quite well.

Fresh new look?

The food is fine too.   You wouldn’t call it adventurous, but it’s certainly of a high standard, and the quantities are generous!  Prices have crept up a bit, but that’s probably fair enough, although corkage if you BYO at $15 a bottle seems a bit of a “hit”.