A Modern Wedding

We attended D’s wedding.   It was the Serbian wedding that wasn’t, but the bride obviously had a great day!   It was held at a “party house”, which was a new concept for me.   Basically, the function was held in a suburban house, with a large garden.  A civil celebrant officiated, and there was ample catering,  a steady flow of drinks and music.   In the latter respects, although the venue and format would have differed, the catering and music replicated what would have occurred had the other aspects been in line with “tradition”.

I know it’s not “news” but certainly the attitude towards “traditional”
weddings has moved on for lots of “today’s” generation.   Even Prince Harry and Megan appear to be likely to depart from the “traditional” format.

For the record, storms were forecast for the day, and just a few minutes after the open-air ceremony was performed, the rain came down!   Such fortuitous timing!  Then it cleared, and the rest of the evening was lovely.

The only downside?   The planned honeymoon to Bali looks like not happening due to the volcanic eruption.  [Update – I believe that they were able to get a last-minute booking to Bagkok instead].




The Cup

Of course, the centre of attention today is the Melbourne Cup.  It’s a tradition, of course, and much more than a horse race:   the glamour, the crowds, the wining and dining.  Even those who don’t go to Flemington get caught up in it all, and they often get involved in a sweep or may have a bet although it may be their only one for the whole year.   And when it’s over, a lot of the time it’s been won by a horse that just hadn’t entered my considerations!

All quite unique, and I’m not sure what message it sends to the rest of the world!


Most years we’ve “participated” in the Hallowe’en “festivities”:  that is, put some balloons at our gate and given handouts to all and sundry.   However, this year, we’d been busy during the day, and have been doing a few other things recently, so we didn’t put anything on the gate and closed it.

In fact, my impression is that not as many of our neighbours participated as in previous years.

Nevertheless, the children were out there.






Some arrived by car!    Hmmm, is that really in keeping with the spirit of the occasion?   I see the occasion as a way to be neighbourly, waving to the parents at the gate.

So as I’ve said before, I’m not at all sure about about the groups who seem to arrive by car then, after getting their hand-outs, get into the car just outside the gate and drive off!   But no point in getting grumpy about it


That Tiger flag!

I’m not a Richmond supporter, but of course my heart was with them in the Grand Final.    However, I wasn’t optimistic, and I told the newsagent last week that the Tigers ought to enjoy the celebrations after winning their Preliminary Final because things would be different after the Grand Final.

But I was wrong, I’m pleased to say.   However, we weren’t watching. Due to an oversight on my part, I had booked an MTC play for 4 pm on the Saturday afternoon!     We left for the theatre at quarter-time, when the Crows were ahead.  Only at the interval did we find out that at three-quarter time, the Tigers had a convincing lead, and by the time the play had finished, the result was known.

However, the match was replayed next day, so we watched the last part of it then.

Well done Tigers!

Travel Expo

I wandered along to the Travel Expo because I had a quiet Sunday afternoon.   Although it’s not really my type of thing, I do have to respect Flight Centre for the way it works:   get a whole lot of suppliers there, create a lot of “activity” (presentations and the like), publicise some “specials”, have lots and lots of travel agents (all the Flight Centre brands) on hand to sign people up, and hopefully by the end of the day, there will be plenty of new business!   Perhaps there weren’t a lot of booths that were of interest to me, but just the same I collected some  reading matter for later on.

Although we’re thinking about possible travel for next year, we’re not sure what else might be happening in our lives that would affect our plans, so it’s premature to make any firm arrangements.   And, frankly, I’d be too analytical to “grab a special” at an event such as this.  Nevertheless, there was certainly a crowd, and so far as I could tell, the numerous travel agents present seemed busy.


Night Life

We went to the Night Life exhibition being put on by the National Trust at Ripponlea.     It showcases evening wear (almost exclusively women’s)  from the early 1920s – featuring lots of beads and glitter – to the “Moderne” style of the 30s (with a greater focus on prints).

It also includes  the works of some contemporary Melbourne  designers who view the era through modern eyes.