The Wedding

Yes, I watched (the main parts of) “that” wedding!    I think the British do these events so well:  there’s obviously an immense amount of organisation involved, and yet it seems effortless (except, perhaps for the length of the address by Bishop Curry!).  But if I had the opportunity, would I stand in the crowd?  Maybe it would be nice to “be there”, but really I don’t think so, given the waiting times involved and the convenience of watching it all on TV in comfortable surroundings.



I know that Eurovision attracts a big audience.  I can see that it’s all very dramatic and different, and is intended to be a bit weird, and it’s clearly not directed at the likes of me!   Seemingly eccentricity is what it’s all about?

However, even though I’m not really qualified to say so, surely Netta’s performance in the most recent Eurovision was about as eccentric as it gets?   Was it this factor that won the popular vote?  Is this really the future of this type of show?

Grand Prix 2018

I’m not a big fan of the Grand Prix.    I was down St Kilda way at the time the fighter plane swooped low over the track, and I thought my time had come!     Yet in spite of my feelings I still turned the TV on at random times during the event.

One such time was in the middle of a downpour on Saturday when when of the lead-up races was running.   It certainly looked “challenging” to drive a fast car in those conditions.

As it happend I was watching at the moment a car crashed in one of the “practice” laps.    Amazing that the driver just climbs out and walks away, and the commentators stated that the car would be repaired overnight!

And, for the record, we certainly heard the noise of the event this year.



So, we didn’t go to the Moomba parade – yet again – this year.  Does that make me a grouch?   Or can I say that I’m merely accepting reality that it’s for a different generation?

To make things worse, we didn’t even think of turning on the TV to see what was happening until after the parade was all over!


The week of the Trilogy

Have you noticed that there are three important days this week?

14th February is doubly significant .  Not only is it Valentine’s Day but it’s also Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.   Apparently the calendar is oblivious to the inconsistency inherent is the full observance of these days.

Easter (and hence Ash Wednesday) is relatively early this year.  The date range for Easter Sunday is 22 March to 25 April, and this year Easter Sunday (under the western/Gregorian calendar) will be 1 April.

And 16 February marks Chinese New Year (the year of the dog).

Some retailers in the city were certainly aware of Chinese New Year!


The Winter Olympics

I’ve previously expressed my view that the Olympics include a lot of sports that don’t normally attract a lot of interest, but which suddenly become hot topics for the duration of the Games.   This especially applies to the Winter Olympics, because so few of us have the ability to participate in the more exotic snow sports (“mogul skiing“? the “skeleton” races?).

Parts of the opening ceremony were good viewing.  However, although some of the other events are actually quite exciting to watch, I doubt that I can get very enthusiastic about them.  Hence, I probably won’t be watching much of them.  

A party in the park

A family member was getting engaged, and we were all invited to a party in St Vincent Gardens.   It was a lovely day, and it was a big gathering.

All the food (and there was a lot of it) had been pre-prepared in special boxes.  It was obvious that a lot of thought and effort had been put into the arrangements.


Obviously there were a lot of family members present, so it was a good opportunity to catch up.   But there were friends of the couple as well, and members of W’s family, so we certainly didn’t know everyone present.


I think everyone had an excellent time!

However, there’s a note to self:   when invited to a function in  park, BYO chair!   Fortunately, even though we didn’t bring any, others did and were generous enough to allow us to borrow them!