Rail projects

The State Government is spending big money on its rail projects, including the “skyrail” along the Dandenong line.  And things are happening elsewhere, too, judging from the road and rail disruptions during the so-called “Autumn Construction Blitz“.

And closer to home, work is happening on the railway line along the street from us.   There was a lot of activity last weekend, apparently pouring concrete for the foundations of new structures.   I’m sure that it’s tricky work, but there did seem a lot of people involved, not all of whom appeared to be doing very much at the time I glanced over the fence!   Because there are two pairs of tracks, trains were able to operate seemingly satisfactorily on the tracks not occupied by the works.

Lots of equipment
Buckets to carry concrete from mixer trucks in the street above to location of new structure
One of several new structures (?) after all the work was done.

St Patrick’s Day

I’m not from the Irish tradition, so St Patrick’s day isn’t really a natural event for me to celebrate.   But, there was a St Patrick’s Day lunch happening so …  well, I found I had a greenish tie, and I headed off.

I see from Wikipedia that even though the day falls in Lent, you’re allowed to break your Lenten fast on this day!

I’m not sure whether many of those attending were actually fasting, and in fact there weren’t any references to the saint himself.   But  there was lots of wine, jokes, singing and even a little speechifying.  The food was good and the company entertaining, so it was all very pleasant, even if it did degenerate into a bit of rowdiness as it wound up (yes, there was some whiskey there, too).


When I was “growing up”, we’d never heard of an avocado.    I can remember when I was first introduced to them:  they were only available for a couple of months each year.    But now, they seem to be an integral part of our diet and are available year-round.  As I understand it, this is because they’re now grown in a number of different places.

But  recently, there was a shortage.  There was a sign in the supermarket saying that there weren’t as many coming from Western Australia (see also the news report).  This put matters to a test in our house.  My inclination was to forego them, but, for better or for worse, this didn’t happen and we still bought them, although we did cut down a little.

I now notice that prices, although still elevated,  are returning to be more in line with we regard as “reasonable”.


So, we didn’t go to the Moomba parade – yet again – this year.  Does that make me a grouch?   Or can I say that I’m merely accepting reality that it’s for a different generation?

To make things worse, we didn’t even think of turning on the TV to see what was happening until after the parade was all over!


The challenge of change

I admit that I sometimes go to Chadstone, mainly for a catch-up coffee with R.    One or two of my friends say that haven’t been there for years (and in a way I can relate to that).   And, yes, things are always changing at Chadstone.    But the current changes are occurring in the “old” food court area.

Now, that’s a challenge:  this is a part of the place that I’m familiar with!     There are hoardings erected, encroaching on the familiar layout.   How dare they muck around with it!

Ah well, first world problem (another one) I suppose.

That “pop-up” park

It wasn’t until I went past it that I saw the powers-that-be have blocked off the southern end of Elizabeth Street to traffic that would otherwise turn into Flinders Street.  There’s a “pop-up park” there now.

There’s information about this on the City of Melbourne website.   It seems the council has decided that this part of the street is to be closed permanently, but the work to do this has been postponed while construction activity occurs in the area.    The website states that the park was only to be there until last Sunday, but it was still there the following day when I went past.