Railway works

I see that there’s going to a complete closure of the railway line through our suburb for a week in January.   I know that this has happened on other lines, but because we’re not too far from the city and there are 4 tracks, we’re accustomed, when works are occurring, for one pair of lines to continue to operate.  However, on this occasion, it seems there are going to be big electrical works at Caulfield, so presumably there’s little alternative?

Signage at station

There are signs around as well as information on the internet (and here) stating that there’s going to a be a total closure.     Amongst other “issues”,  I notice that the replacement buses from Flinders Street station operate from way down St Kilda Rd, in front of the Arts Centre, and that if you want to go to a loop station, you’ll have to take a train from Flinders Street.

And from reading Daniel Bowen’s blog, when a similar massive closure occurred on the lines through Camberwell, there were plenty of hitches with the replacement bus services.

It sounds that this week will be a good time to avoid the trains!


(Left - looks as tough some materials for use during the works have already been pre-placed)

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