Sydney Rowing Club

We’re back home now, but I thought I’d mention that we went to Sydney Rowing Club for Sunday lunch with M and G.  It’s at Abbotsford, on the Parramatta River upstream of the Gladesville Bridge.   Once there, I was slightly disoriented because of the twists and turns in the river, but that didn’t detract from the pleasant outlook.

It was certainly popular:  a lovely day, an efficient food and drink service and, as I’ve mentioned, a great view out over the river.   However, we managed a table.   In addition, there seemed to be a number of functions occurring:  a post-christening lunch, and at least one wedding.

We caught the Parramatta River ferry back to Darling Harbour.   The ferry wharf is right alongside the club, but being Sunday, it seems that many Sydney-siders take advantage of the low daily cap on Opal fares for a very reasonably-priced day out on the Harbour.

Abbotsford ferry wharf

We squeezed on to the ferry, but it by-passed a couple of the scheduled stops on the trip down the river.


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