Port Douglas or Palm Cove?

Although we’re back now, it might be worth commenting on the Port Douglas vs Palm Cove issue.  We were asked by someone while we were staying at Palm Cove, whether we preferred PD or PC, and they were a little miffed that we didn’t enthusiastically favour Palm Cove.  The reality is, however, that they’re different!    Palm Cove is more intimate, perhaps even “cute”, but is more exposed to the afternoon south-easterlies that occur at this time of year. Most of Port Douglas is sheltered from these, although Four Mile Beach is exposed to them

Sunrise, Palm Cove

Port Douglas has better access to the Reef (not a big thing for us) and is closer to Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge.   Palm Cove has good access to Cairns, if you have any desire to go there (there’s a commuter bus), and is closer to Kuranda.

Both have a range of restaurants of various styles as well as numerous boutique shops (but no supermarket at Palm Cove).

As will have been apparent, this year we split out time between the two.    If we head to Far North Queensland next year, perhaps we’ll do something different, but we really haven’t decided!


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