Palm Cove

Palm Cove is more intimate than Port Douglas, but very attractive in its own way.   We checked into our accommodation, which as in Port Douglas is a one-bedroom apartment.  It’s not quite as spacious, and only has a side-on view of the sea (which we can hear from the balcony), but it’s more modern.

View from balcony

Palm Cove doesn’t have a full supermarket, only a couple of convenience stores, and there’s no bank-operated ATM (edit:  only 3rd party fee-for-use ones).   These facilities are available just a few minutes drive away at a sub-regional shopping centre, so a car is very useful.   However, there’s a good choice of restaurants and a number of resort complexes on the Esplanade.  We ate Greek for our first night.

Our first full day started with some quite heavy showers, but as the day progressed the sun emerged.  And the wind got up, by late afternoon, the south-easterly was very strong.

Jetty and Double Island



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