Eating in Port Douglas

One of the joys of Port Douglas is the range of places to eat.  True, there aren’t quite as many this year as there were last year, as at least two restaurants that seemed to be quite busy when we were here last year have gone to be replaced by vacant spaces and “For Lease” signs.  And there are some other vacancies, too.  Not a good look in the main street;   what does that say about the rentals being asked?

Just the same, that still leaves a multitude of eating choices.    There’s Sassi (where we had great barramundi) and Salsa, just to name two at the top end:  both stylish and reliable.   We had a great Sunday lunch on the deck at the marina, at the Hemingway (micro) Brewery:   innovative, great flavours and a really good outlook.   I liked their pilsner, too.    We had Thai at Siam by the Sea, which we enjoyed.   Just off Four Mile Beach is the surf club, but when we went past thinking about a coffee, it was closed for Mossmn Show Day.

Surf Club – closed on Show Day!

Overlooking the inlet is the Tin Shed (aka Combined Services Club), which has a great deck if you arrive early enough.   Not far from the marina is On the Inlet, where we had a great meal last year.  And there are two pubs, although we prefer the slightly less down-market Court House.  And that’s before mentioning all the other places up and down Macrossan Street (including Bel Cibo, where we had excellent pasta), far too many to mention, let alone to eat at.

We haven’t been to all these places this year, but isn’t it great to be so spoiled for choice?


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