Waking up in Port Douglas

We’ve been to Port Douglas previously, but on neither occasion were we “wowed” by the accommodation.    Yeah, I know, you get what you pay for, and “value” is a factor in my decisions (not the over-whelming one, I hasten to add).    So this time, we booked at yet another place.   However, when we arrived, our initial reaction to the apartment at Club Tropical was that it was a bit “dated”:   the quarry tiles and older-style cane furniture create that impression.

Just the same, we warmed to the place: the location is terrific, just around the corner from Macrossan Street, we’ve got a view, and the apartment itself is spacious.  It’s genuinely “one bedroom”, so I can go to sleep while S watches TV (much better than the “studio” apartments we sometimes get, which don’t have  acoustic separation). The apartment is designed for 4 people, there are two couches plus another queen bed in the living area, which reinforces how large it is.   The kitchen facilities are out on the balcony, which sounds odd, but means I have yet another option of a place to sit away fro the noise of the TV.    The grounds are fine but the wi fi, although visible on my laptop, is very slow (about 0.25Mbps download, half that for upload) even when you can actually access it (which initially was intermittent, at best, although has improved).

However, I wouldn’t want an apartment on the Macrossan Street side – directly over the road from the pub with live music in the evenings.

Spacious living area
Good looking pool
Nice grounds



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