To Port Douglas

The trip to Port Douglas was, well, “OK”.     A kindly dropped us off at Terminal 4, which we negotiated satisfactorily.    It helps to have some familiarity with the place, which we now have after using it a few times.   Tiger were fine until everyone was on board and the doors were about to be closed – then there was an unexplained “issue” of some sort at the back of the cabin which had us sitting for 30 minutes while something was done about it (no sign of technical people, so I have no idea what it was).

We use one of the off-airport car hire firms in Cairns – the rates are much better because there’s no airport premium, but the shuttle bus takes a few minutes to arrange, and somehow we ended up at the back of the queue at the counter.   However, whether for this or some other reason, we were granted a discount on the rate we were expecting, so that created a good impression.

First impressions of our accommodation were that it’s a bit “dated” but we’ve now settled into the laid-back local scene!  We have a few days here before transferring to Palm Cove.

Sunday market – very busy but nothing to interest me!
Nice view from our balcony

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