Away from the cold

We’re soon heading to Port Douglas/Palm Cove for a mid winter break, and looking forward to getting away to a warmer climate.

We opted to fly with Tiger this time.   We’ve never flown with them before, and were wary of their reputation – although my impression is that things with them have improved since their early days.

At the time we booked, the fares on Tiger were significantly better than on any other airline.  Interestingly, closer to the day of travel, if we were booking now, there are better fares available on Virgin and Jetstar and even Qantas than on Tiger (yes, direct flights, and at reasonable times).  Of course, even the best of these is a lot more than we paid.

I did find the changes to flight times since booking to have been a bit irritating (it happened to the flights in both directions).

Now I see that their requirements for check-in times are longer than Jetstar (45 minutes vs 30 minutes).  Hopefully this won’t trouble us, but it does eat into the margin of error that I always allow.

So – we shall see!


One thought on “Away from the cold

  1. Rob Body

    Enjoy Palm Cove, it is quieter than what Port douglas has come to be, however do take a trip out to Agincourt Reef. In Palm cove the Thai near the post office and the Indian at the southern end and take the local bus into Cairns. The apres bar has a trivia night during the week. We will be up there in late Sept/early Oct all being well at Paradisio apartments.


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