Trip report – the new 605 bus route

I made an effort to catch the 605 bus along its new route.  Leaving the city it heads down Queen Street, across Queen’s Bridge then winds its way through Southbank.  It then goes past the Shrine, skirts around the Botanic Gardens and down Anderson Street (stop outside Merton Hall!) before linking up to the former route at the corner of Punt Rd and Alexandra Avenue  There aren’t many stops in Queen Street – one north of Bourke Street, then the next isn’t until Flinders Street just before the left turn on to Queen’s Bridge.   In fact, the new route seems to be marked by a sparceness of stops.   If this is in the interests of speeding the travel time, a far, far more effective approach would be to get the traffic lights through Southbank better aligned, instead of having to wait a full cycle before a brief turn arrow appears.   It was a slow trip through Southbank.

The issue with the big changes that have been to this route is that they won’t suit those former users who found it convenient to travel to and from the Melbourne Central/Exhibition Street precincts, and while there may well be potential passengers (apart from the Merton Hall girls who presumably use it for a few trips each day) who might find the route via Southbank to be convenient, there doesn’t appear to be much being done to bring the existence of the route to their notice.

New stop near corner of Park Street and Domain Rd



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