Bollards (2)

As I’ve previously blogged, those concrete blocks around the city are very intrusive and have attracted lots of comments.   They appeared on the scene very quickly, so perhaps the design was due to the fact that they had to be hastily prepared.  Or does the cynic in me mutter that their “obviousness” has helped contribute to the feeling that the authorities are “doing something”?

In fact, on a short wall around the city recently, there are already many bollards and the like that we hardly notice (because we’re so used to them) – and more could easily be placed so as to deter vehicles.   There are also  items of street furniture that would be effective.  Perhaps not all of them would be completely stop an extremely determined attacker with a very heavy vehicle – but I suspect that they’d severely hamper all but the most determined “baddies”.

Hopefully, devices such as these will replace those blocks sooner rather than later.


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