Heritage Building (2)

I’ve previously expressed my concern about the heritage “convenience store” at our local station, and noted that works were being undertaken to stabilise the building and to save it from demolition.

These works appear to have been completed – but they appear to have been strictly limited to stabilising the building.    There are no signs that the building will be restored so as to be able to be used for its intended purpose, or even, in fact, to look attractive!

At street level, there’s an unattractive metal “collar” around the structure, and below on the platform, there are a series of massive braces.

Local rumour has it that there have been many fingers in this pie:  VicTrack, Metro Trains, the Council and possibly more.   The Council is said to have refused the application to demolish the building because of its heritage status, but the railway authorities obviously wanted it stabilised for safety reasons,   The ideal outcome would have been to stabilise the building in a manner consistent with its heritage nature, but presumably this would have been even more costly than the ugly works which have occurrred.   One version I heard was that it had been suggested that the building could have been demolished but re-built “brick by brick”.  I don’t know if this was in fact proposed as an option, or who would have footed the considerable costs involved.

So, for now, all we can hope is  that someone, somewhere is considering how the building can be restored!   In the meantime, it seem unlikely that it will be used as a shop.






I suspect the “temporary move” isn’t going to end anytime soon!



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