C works overseas, in a Pacific country.   She lost her wallet, so had to arrange replacement cards.   For reasons that aren’t clear to me, these were sent to us (what happened to the representations that the bank would get a replacement card to you wherever you were?)   It then fell to me to arrange for them to be couriered to her.

I used an international courier on a previous occasion, and the service is certainly as good as you’d hope for:  leave Melbourne on Friday, delivered on Monday (at about 11 am local time).   This compares favourably with “express international mail”, which on a previous occasion was tracked to arrive at the overseas general post office within a week or 10 days – but then took weeks to be delivered by the local mail authorities.

Catch with the courier (apart from the expense)?    They want to inspect the contents – and took interest in the fact that debit/credit cards were included.   Their rule is, they won’t accept “activated” cards,    Fortunately, these were still in the original state as delivered in the mail to us, so they were able to be sent on their way.


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