Although we’re home now, we spent a little time looking around Mornington.   These days, it has something of the look and feel of an outpost of suburbia.   However, its proximity to the sea and historical connections with Matthew Flinders give it a few interesting characteristics.   And, at the risk of a massive generalisation, someone commented to us that things were a bit quiet around town because “everyone’s gone to Queensland for the winter”!

The main street is quite long, with extensive car-parking behind the shops on one side and a shopping complex on the other side.   The shopping complex is built on the site of the former railway station.

The railway line, closed since 1981, still operates with a few heritage trains, but stops short of the town (resulting in there being no level crossing at Nepean Hwy).

These days commuters are catered for by a bus to Frankston.  There are 3 routes which when taken together give a basic 3 buses/hour frequency during the day (but not always at even 20 minute frequencies)!

The foreshore park has some nice views and allows for some interesting walking, as well as access to the beaches.   There are a number of memorials to Matthew Flinders (I’m planning a future post on these).

View from cliff top
Memorial to 15 members of the football team who were drowned in 1892.
Old police cells (modern police station behind)
A walking possibility!
Shopping complex where the railway station once stood.

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