Of course, there are layers and layers of interpretations and deeper meanings in  Shakespeare’s text, but it’s been so long since I last saw Macbeth (bearing in mind that the first time I encountered Macbeth was at school), I had to re-absorb MTC’s production at a fairly superficial level.    Hence I sometimes missed the more subtle twists and turns in this rather blood-thirsty production, but even so, the big picture is clear enough!

The fascination of watching people do something that they know to be wrong, seeing them come unstuck, with the added spice of unlikely premonitions, is a theme that can be applied across the ages, and here the sets, props and costumes are very contemporary.

I thought it worked quite well for the most part, although I’m still wondering about the opening scene of the witches meeting in a Scottish style bus shelter!    On the other hand, there are lines that are familiar;  who can ever forget “Double, double toil and trouble;   Fire burn and caldron bubble”?

However, the Fairfax review struggled with aspects of the production, especially the cuts in the dialogue to achieve a running time of just under two hours (imagine, a Shakespeare play with no interval!).   The News Corp review   made some interesting points, too.

 Just the same, Shakespeare’s dialogue, the strength of the themes and the quality of the acting made this a fascinating evening (and an improvement on MTC’s Queen Lear a few years ago).

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