NBN – “Coming soon”

I’d seen on the NBN website that we’re due to get NBN in the next few months, and now we’ve received a card from NBN suggesting that we “register for updates”.

I’ve done a little research about what might be involved in changing our phone and computer connections over to NBN,  and then I attended a presentation at the Melb PC User group on the subject.

Well, time will tell, but for now I’ve got a few unanswered questions, even after the helpful presentation at the PC User group meeting.   These include,  where will the connection point inside our house be located, whether, if we stay with Optus as our retail service provider, what the costs might be (so far, the suggestions have been that other providers are better “value”), and if we move from Optus, what are the implications for our landline phone number and email addresses…….

And these are only the “known unknowns”.  There are sure to be some “unknown unknowns” as well!   Interesting times ahead!


2 thoughts on “NBN – “Coming soon”

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  2. I ordered the switch back in March and it has been nothing but a disaster to have it connected. I have friends who run businesses who were without a phone for weeks while trying to be connected as well (with no compensation for losses). I have been liaising with the TIO which helps get a phone call from someone and that is about as far as it gets. It has taken 4 months to have the coax run from the pole opposite to a box on the wall outside of our home and that is all we have up until the time of this post.


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