“Important notification from Tiger”

Receiving an email where the heading refers to an “important notification” had me on edge.  Indeed, our planned flight to Cairns in July had been changed.   That’s the price you pay when you book ahead to get a “good deal” (and if I recall correctly, also occurred last year, when we flew with Jetstar).

Thus, it was with apprehension that I checked the new details – but all that happened was that the timing had been adjusted by a mere 5 minutes!   Whew!   However, the flight number had been changed.

So I pressed the “I accept” button, and all seemed well.   Only then did it occur to me that the airfare that we’d paid  included the right to choose our seats.

Indeed, on further checking, our  allocated seats had not been transferred to the new flight.   Easily fixed with a few clicks of the mouse button, but most annoying if I had neglected  to check (there was nothing in the email to suggest that this was necessary).

Just the same, our travel is still well over a month away, so the potential for further changes still exists.


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