Cavalcade of Transport mural

The June issue of Royalauto contains an article (also here) about a campaign to find a new home for Harold Freedman’s Cavalcade of Transport mural. The article sparked my interest, as we had visited the Freedman exhibition at Ballarat.

The mural is in the Spencer Street shopping complex, right at the north end.   The whole place is a bit of a barn, but so far as I’m aware, this was the case even when the mural was placed in its present location in 2007.   However it seems that since then the retail mix has changed and now the mural is a mere backdrop in the “Tk-Maxx” store, and very hard to see clearly.  There are light fittings and air-conditioning ducts all over the place.   It’s also visible from inside the Harris Scarfe store, but the visibility is even worse.

One possibility for a new home is said to be the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The Royalauto article states that the mural is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, but the owner (Public Transport Victoria) seems to be waiting for others to suggest a new location, and to presumably to pay the costs involved in any relocation!


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