We went to Nova Music Theatre’s production of Godspell.  A 17-member cast gave an impressive performance.  Interestingly, I see that the usual cast size is 10, but of course a non-professional company has more flexibility in this regard in that they can “afford”  a larger cast!

It’s a rock musical, so the orchestra consists of keyboards, guitars and percussion.

For some reason, I’ve never previously seen Godspell, so its approach was new to me.   It’s basically a sequence of Biblical parables, mostly from Matthew, but three from Luke.  I can certainly understand how it is that its treatment of the Passion of Christ, which after all is at the core of the Christian belief, is controversial, especially in that there is no obvious Resurrection present.   This of course is only one of the numerous departures from the Biblical “script”.  The costumes (traditionally “hippie garb”), too, have apparently been the subject of comment.

I didn’t allow these issues to interfere with my enjoyment of the show, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think that it represents what Christianity is all about.


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