Minnie & Liraz

There are a couple of “messages” in there, but basically MTC’s Minnie & Liraz is a light-hearted night out.    The story revolves around two bridge-playing grandmothers in a care facility who engage in some match-making between their respective grandchildren.   The capacity audience at the Fairfax appreciated the numerous one-liners, and the “tensions” between the characters maintained our interest.  However, I do admit that at interval we asked what possible “twist” could occur in the second half, but in due course we were rewarded with a couple of  unexpected turns in events.

I agree with this review that there’s a bit of “clutter” in the script, along with what seemed to me to be an over-use of the revolving stage (for example, perhaps the spectators at the bridge competition could have sat on the other side of the stage, rather than in a separate scene?), but these weren’t serious concerns for me.


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