The Boathouse

W had lunch at the Boathouse, on the banks of the Maribyrnong river.  A nice setting, very good service and extremely satisfactory meals – all at a reasonable price.  My smoked chicken salad calls for special comment – unlike the salads you sometimes get, this one was chockers of chicken!  And the serve of fries that came with the burger was generous!  Very happy.

We were there on a weekday, and so there were tables to spare.  I can imagine, however, that things could get very busy at weekends.

Looking across the river to Angler’s Tavern

But ooops, was the guy who said farewell to us so nicely as we were leaving in fact Gary Mehigan?  Don’t ask me, I wouldn’t know, but apparently he’s judge and co-host of Channel Ten’s MasterChef series and is involved in the running of the place.

Outlook from inside
Along the river



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