The Salvo breakfast

I’ve been to the breakfast launch of the Salvation Army’s “Red Shield” appeal each year for a number of years now.   It’s well-attended (600+ people this year) mainly by “business types” (ought I be flattered that I still get invited?), and has a slick program.

However, this year, the program was a lot more “authentic” than on at least one occasion in the past (when I commented that aspects of it seemed to be taken from a standard script with blanks to be filled in so as to “insert local content”).   Perhaps this message got through, as this year the speeches were quite good, and the interviews by the  officer in charge of the Salvo’s Bourke Street facility were excellent.

But you don’t go to these events for the “content” (with all due respect, it’s “predictable”), or for the food (not that I’m complaining, mind you).   Nor was I swept off my feet the socks that everyone received!   It’s really about contributing a little towards society’s needs.




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