Tram route 58 (2)

Well, we checked out the route 58 tram from South Yarra to Pascoe Vale South.   Yes, there was a tram every 10 minutes, and yes, it did deliver us where we wanted to go.   And on the way, we admired the shiny relatively new hospitals in the “hospital precinct” of Parkville, which we knew about but hadn’t really looked at.    But the catch?  It’s s lengthy tram ride, and the journey takes such a long time!

The changed arrangements seem well publicised

Taking the train from our place to meet up with the tram at South Yarra makes for a “hassle free” trip, but at weekends when the trains from our local station run around the loop (will this survive the next timetable revision?), it would make a lot more sense to take the train the Flagstaff and pick up the tram there – which of course has always been an option.


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