Aldi Camberwell

I’d heard that Aldi had opened a new store at Camberwell, and I was over that way so I called in.   Local hearsay has it that the Woolworths at Camberwell is the most profitable Woolies in the state (but I can’t verify this).   However, it looks as though Aldi might make a dent in Camberwell Woolworths’ sales (just the other side of Target) – the traffic in the Aldi store was buzzing when I visited.

The floor area of the Camberwell Aldi seems to be larger than earlier Aldi stores and the layout is completely different.  The layout in most Aldi stores seems basically the same, but at Camberwell it’s been changed, with the entry point leading directly through the fresh fruit and vegetable and meat sections.   Otherwise, the range of items stocked (and prices) appeared familiar, although the frozen foods section has much greater capacity with suspended fridges above the traditional bin freezers (not sure if the range of goods stocked is greater).

Australian shoppers seem to have taken to the Aldi offering of a limited range of mostly house-brand products, so it’s interesting to note the tweaks that have occurred at Camberwell, especially the greater prominence of fresh produce.

However, there’s still no sign of Lidl entering the market.


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