No gas

The oven in our gas stove has been troublesome for some time now, in that it sometimes went out unexpectedly.    But then, suddenly, there was no gas at all, in neither the oven nor the hotplates.    Our other gas appliances were working satisfactorily.

It was  a new problem for me, and googling for answers didn’t offer any easy solutions.  So we had to call the plumber.

So what was it?    There’s a flexible hose linking the gas supply to the stove, with a regulator on it.    Replacing the regulator solved the problem, but it re-occurred when the stove was pushed back into position – due to a kink in the flexible hose!   On reflection, that may have been the initial problem, perhaps caused by a slight movement of the stove maybe when someone leaned against it.

Anyway, the hot plates are now working better than ever:  the replacement regulator apparently allows a greater pressure of gas.   And the plumber’s bill was much less than the cost of a new stove.   But time will tell if all the issues with the oven have been fixed.


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