Our trip to Creswick took us though Wallace.     We had run into the band of heavy rain by then and it was past our usual lunch time because we had encountered great congestion along Queen’s Road and Kingsway, before hitting the Westgate (there must have been an incident somewhere but I haven’t tracked down where it was).

Hence, we were in a receptive mood for a meal when we noticed with interest the large number of cars parked all around the Wallace pub.    Well, as they say, a crowd attracts a crowd so we turned around to investigate.

Yes, indeed, Sunday lunch was in full swing, but there were spare tables and we weren’t too late to order.  And it didn’t take long to work out why the crowd was here:   really good pub food, a good atmosphere and excellent service.   Although these reviews are a little old, we can vouch that this place is still a good venue!

In fact, the filling roasts we each had were to stand us in good stead for the events of the evening when as already posted we grazed on platters during the power outage.


One thought on “Wallace

  1. Rob Body

    Over a 30yr career with CRB/VicRoads, the town of Wallace is a prime example of the small towns that have recovered some life after being by-passed by freeway projects. People in Wallace/ Ballan/Myrniong etc now commute to either Ballarat or Melbourne. All along the Hume Fwy there are many other very good examples also.


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