“Private” parking areas

I’ve previously blogged about the difficulties that the owners of private parking areas might have in collecting the charges that they say they will impose if you overstay the allowed time.

But apparently it’s not impossible for them to collect.     In a Scottish case, reported by the BBC, a woman was ordered by a court to pay a private parking company £24,500 in unpaid charges, incurred as a result of what the court called “Parking Charge Notices” or which is described in the sign in the image as a “Non-Compliance Breach Notice”.

By parking in a restricted area, a motorist can be considered to be agreeing to a contract, provided there is adequate signage warning of the charge.

Failing to pay can be seen as a breach of contract and the car parking firm can take the motorist to court to recover their losses.  I’m not sure how often this actually occurs, but as the Scottish case shows, in extreme cases, the stakes can be high.


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