Daylight saving

I’ve changed our clocks to take account of the end of daylight saving.   I don’t usually have any difficulties in remembering to do this;  the big issue is to remember how to change the clocks!

The computer and phone change themselves, the digital clocks are mostly fine, and I can get by on the microwave with a bit of trial and error – but the clocks in the cars always defy me!

For some reason I find them not to be intuitive, so I usually end up not changing them for a week or so until I finally resort to the manual!


One thought on “Daylight saving

  1. Rob Body

    Daylight Saving:
    My opinion is restrict it to 3 months 1/12 to 28/2.
    As for changing the clocks, all is ok except of course the car – 1 easily and yes 1 resorted to the manual.
    In the past our monitoring clocks that controlled measuring equipment on bridges etc – were never changed for DLS.


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