Nelson (2)

I’ve previously mentioned that during my recent walk we had a rest day in Nelson, and I had no difficulty occupying myself for the day.   In addition to its permanent  population (in 2006) of 226, it seems to cater for holiday makers who have holiday houses and “boatsheds”. I assume that most of these would come from western Victoria and perhaps South Australia rather than from major cities.

Quite a distance from anywhere!

The only “shop” is a kiosk with a limited range of groceries and there’s a pub (nothing special, perhaps what you would expect in a small community) and a service station.  For accommodation, there’s a motel which is apparently run by the same person who runs the service station (and looked like it!), a caravan park, the pub and the B&B that we stayed at (NB no en-suites).   None of these options showed up for me on

There are well equipped BBQs and a children’s playground as well as good access to the river and estuary.




No doubt the regular visitors like the place, because it would be a good place to “chill out” with fishing, boating, swimming walking and generally a “relaxed” attitude to life.

BBQ area, and nice playground adjacent

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