Lake Monibeong to Swan Lake

Today’s walk was completely different to the previous days.  We were dropped at an attractive  fresh water lake behind the sand dunes that line Discovery Bay.    After a solid but not too long walk up and through the sand dunes, we hit the beach, and turned eastwards.

The beach section was 13.5 kilometres long.   Now walking on the beach has its appeal:  the waves are in constant motion and there was a variety of birds to see.   The weather was kind, a little sun but not too much.     The repellent was effective against the swarms of march flies that abounded.   But the waves in this part of the world can be erratic;   breakers for sure but not the long even lines that one sees at some ocean beaches (well, not today, anyway).   So with the incoming tide, there were a few mishaps, as in the sea caught us out.  But we’re walkers, right?    We have thick walking socks that dry out as we press onwards – until the next unexpected wave!

The main issue, however, is that 13.5 km on the sand – firm for much of the time but with some soft patches – really is a long way.  It certainly felt it.   But when we reached the point where Swan Lake in theory empties into the sea (but from all appearances, this hasn’t occurred for many years!) we felt a sense of achievement as we negotiated the dune buggy recreation area to reach our pickup point not far from the said Swan Lake (another little lake nested in the dunes).  From there we were given a lift to our overnight accommodation at Cape Bridgewater.

Lake Monibeong
Through the dunes
Discovery Bay
A lot of beach (13½ kms!)
Theoretical outlet of Swan Lake
Amongst the dunes!
Dune buggy access track



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