Streets where we live

The Stonnington History Centre has a temporary display focussing on the evolution of the local urban landscape.   It’s not large but I found some of the material extremely interesting, such as the  early Crown maps which gave an insight into the original landholdings in the area.  These pre-dated the railway, so from these, and from the slightly later maps with the original streets marked, you could ascertain the changes to the streets that took place when the railway went through.

There were early rate books and a slide show of interesting houses that have now been demolished, as well as a number of photos depicting early streetscapes and aerial views.




The streetscapes were from various periods, but I was particularly interested that one or two of them dated from the ’30s, where the scenes depicted were still almost “semi rural”.   It’s a reminder that things have changed a great deal over the last few generations.

The display is set up in an area that’s a bit off the beaten track, so there didn’t appear to be a lot of visitors.   Given the interesting material on display, I thought that was a bit of a pity.


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