Heathcote Winery

Returning home from Echuca, we were in the Heathcote area at about lunchtime.   As we approached the town, there were a couple of wineries that had signs by the roadside to the effect that meals were available.   However, the one that we stopped to look at didn’t appeal. Yes, I know, a glimpse over the fence isn’t the most reliable way of assessing a venue, but sometimes it’s the best one can do.

Be that as it may, we stopped in town at Heathcote Winery, which is actually a winery in the main street with a tasting area in a shop (actually in a restored miners produce store, dating from 1854).  The winery is out the back.   They provide meals, too, which can be had inside or in the courtyard.    The food was nice (although it took a few minutes to arrive), as was also the wine!    Of course, as I was driving, I was careful with my intake, but we bought quite enough to keep us going at home for a while!


One thought on “Heathcote Winery

  1. AAhh- had I known you were going to stop off among the Heathcote wines again I would have made 2 recommendations on main road through town. 1. Step into M. Chapoutier’s boutique, where you could have sampled for free his Victorian wines, which are in fact being grown at Shay’s Flat in the (Vic) Pyrenees, as well as a range of his Rhone wines. Very pleasant. If you call in around harvest time you may even be lucky enough to meet M.Chapoutier in person…2. Go back to the Wine Hub and try Feathered Friends @ around $20 by Wild Duck Estate, whose comparable wines are twice that price. (I think Armadale Cellars also has this drop.)


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