In  the past, the Victorian border regions attracted tourists because of the clubs just over the river.    This particular “advantage” disappeared long ago, when poker machines were introduced into Victoria, but the benefit of incumbency has enabled clubs, such as those at Moama, to continue to prosper.

While at Echuca, we headed over the river to the “Rich River Golf Club Resort” which has the attraction of a nice-looking golf course (not that I claim to be an expert!) as well as the pokies.   The meal was club fare, of course, but pretty good for that.

screenshot-259 I saw some publicity material for “Golf on the Murray“, whereby six clubs along the Murray have got together to promote their combined 11 courses and “reciprocal” rights.

On the following night we headed for the Moama Bowling Club;  once again the meals, while not necessarily “gourmet”,  were quite satisfactory.


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