Eating and drinking in Fitzroy

We went to see R in St V’s Private, and rather than head home, we took a walk up Brunswick St to Gertrude St.    Having both lived in Melbourne for decades, we have some knowledge of the area, but we would be the first to admit that these days it’s not really our “territory”. It’s certainly become much more “trendy”, albeit still a little “edgy”, than it was in my younger days.   Just the same, nothing really “grabbed” us until we noticed an interesting looking wine bar which appealed to us a little more than others of its type.   We had an enjoyable drink here, although it couldn’t be described as “economical”.

Fitzroy lane

Looking for something to eat, we headed up Smith St (original home of Coles), getting as far as Johnson St.   S remembered a Greek restaurant (Jim’s), so we headed there and had an extremely pleasant if fairly substantial meal.   I’ll post some comments on this separately.  Otherwise, heading home via 2 trams, we were pleasantly relaxed and somewhat self-satisfied at venturing beyond our usual “territory”.

Coles, Smith St, retro but not quite original!
Gertrude St architecture



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