Medibank Private

Following a recent development in my arrangements for health cover, it was appropriate to change our long-standing Medibank Private policy so as to delete my coverage, leaving only S to be covered.

It took a while, but I managed to achieve this face-to-face at the Medibank office at Chadstone.   All, that is, except for the aspect dealing with the government rebate on health insurance premiums.    Subsequently, following a phone call, the necessary form was emailed to me (not sure why this wasn’t given to me when I had called in), which stated that it could be filled in on line.   But the catch?   You have to be registered for on line access.   Well, I already had on line access BUT apparently following my deletion from the policy, I was no longer eligible for access!.    Obvious solution – register S for on line access.   BUT the policy is apparently still in my name (I had said I’d still be paying the accounts), so there’s no policy in her name!

screenshot-250I felt trapped by the system!   I ended up taking the paper form back to Medibank at Chadstone.  Even then, after looking at the screen for a few minutes the polite lady asked me to “leave it with her” (and she was picking up the phone as I left).  So, I’m still waiting to hear what the revised premium might be.

In the meantime, when this is combined with Medibank’s recent results announcement, I’m left with a niggling thought that there might be a few issues at Medibank.    In a subsequent casual conversation, someone told me that it was reputed that Medibank does indeed still have “issues” with their SAP software……Meanwhile, over at NIB, things seem a lot better.


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