I was vaguely aware that Guadacanal was the site of a major battle during World War 2 (75 years ago this year), but I admit I didn’t know much about it.    The we got a phone call from C, who had just returned from spending 3 weeks in the course of her work at Honiara in the Solomons, where she had been introduced in a tangible way to the history of the battle (apparently before that, she knew even less about it than I did).

She had visited the open air museum with various relics, and had scuba dived around the wreck of one of the Japanese ships.

It sounds very interesting, but even so, apparently the weather in the Solomons is pretty oppressive (at least at this time of year), and the tourist facilities seem not to be well-developed (although the diving is said to be great), so I have to admit a visit there is quite a long way down my “to do” list.

Open air museum
Open air museum 2
Open air museum 3
Sunken Japanese ship now diving site
Trenches where Allies trained
Scenery is good, too

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