We were shouted “High tea” at Zumbo’s (delivery on an IOU from Christmas).   Zumbo is described as a “bakery cafe, high tea salon and cocktail bar”, and is well-known to foodies.  It’s located up Daly Street, a short street off Chapel St in South Yarra.

img_0200aI admit that it was a new experience for me.  I’ve had “high tea” before, but as I recall (it was quite a few years ago!), it consisted mainly of sandwiches and cute cakes.  This was different:  first, some very nice sweets, then scones,  a palate cleanser, warm pea soup and finally a couple of savoury items.   (It was the Pretty Flamingo menu).  The presentation was lovely, and the flavours were excellent.

img_0207aIt’s obviously a “chick” place.    There were several groups of ladies, and very few males.   Still, very different, and most enjoyable, even if it it’s not something I would indulge in on a regular basis!




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