Valentines Day

14 February can’t pass unnoticed.  It’s hard not to know about it from displays in the shops and the media  that it’s Valentine’s Day.

img_20170213_075926Although the day has been commercialised, it apparently has its origins as a genuine saint’s day (though there seem to be a range of views as to who the actual saint was, and even as to the correct date).   I read that in  England in the 18th century, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers and other symbols.

img_20170213_145859Sseemingly it causes a massive boost in the demand for roses.  Just the same, the idea is “cute”, so let’s not hold the fact that it’s become commercialised against it!   (Edit – note to self:   restaurants are busy on this day, so it may take a while to get served!)



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