Norwegian Star

The cruise ship Norwegian Star seems to be having more than its share of problems.   Last week I was on a tram in Collins Street along with a group a overseas visitors who, in hindsight, were from the Norwegian Star.   They were complaining of the issues that had arisen on the trip to Melbourne.  One of the 2 engines (sorry, “propulsion systems”) had broken down and the speed had been reduced causing the vessel to miss a number of ports.

img_0109aFrom what I understand, the issue that arose after the vessel left Melbourne was that the remaining engine broke down, resulting in the ship having to be towed back to Melbourne.



I’m pleased to say that the Melbourne people on the tram were very friendly and helpful to the visitors, with directions and helpful suggestions.  I know that although it’s often nice to visit places, it’s very annoying indeed if you’re held up anywhere, no matter how nice, for longer than expected.    Just the same, I’d venture to suggest that there are worse places in the world than Melbourne to be stranded in for a few days.   Hopefully the conversation that I participated in on the tram helped create a good impression.


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