The aging body

My hip is wearing out.   Of course, these things happen as you get older.   It’s happened to quite a few of my friends and acquaintances, in a number of instances at an age younger than I am now.   And the approach in each instance has been the same:   while you can manage the pain, do so;   the next step is the hip injection, and only as a last – but inevitable – resort will there be a “hip replacement” operation.

So I’m at the “pain management” stage.   It mostly occurs at night time, and sometimes is brutal.  I’m learning as I go what strategies work best with regard to the taking of medication.    Physio and heat packs have a role, too.  Yet at other times, I’m hardly aware of the issue.    I don’t know what triggers it.

img_0076aA side effect is that it makes medium-term planning a little tricky.   We want to do some travel over the next few months, but it’s a bit hard to make too many plans while there are issues such as this in one’s life.



One thought on “The aging body

  1. Last resort yes, but my observations of others is that the replacement part is restorative and mostly works fairly well over many years, so last resort need not be dreaded. Obviously you should be guided by your medical advisers but also consider potentialities suggested in practical soundings offered by the said f. and a. with experience.


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