Born Yesterday

The producers of MTC’s Born Yesterday must have found it hard to resist a a direct referent to Donald Trump, because there are certainly  resonances to today’s world  in it.    The scene is post World War 2 Washington DC and the theme is “getting the deal done”.   A tycoon moves to Washington DC to use his money to influence politics and politicians, accompanied by his “dumb blonde” mistress (Billie).  He thinks she needs to improve her mind, and arranges for this to occur.  However, the inevitable result is that she wakes up to him

img_0069It’s all light-hearted and entertaining.   A minor issue for me was that it took most of the first act to really get moving.   The second act moves along more satisfactorily.

The Age liked  Christie Whelan Browne as Billie but was a bit harsh on the rest of the cast, I thought.   This review was a bit kinder, and I think more in line with the production we saw..



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