Avenue of Honour

I visited the Australian War Memorial and was particularly interested that they’ve got a photographic display featuring trees from the Avenue of Honour at Ballarat.   We often take these avenues for granted.

img_9956aThe photographs are impressive and the captions set out the service history of the soldiers to whom the depicted trees are dedicated (apparently quite a lot of research was required in some cases).

However, the photos are all of individual trees.   While this is interesting and moving, they appear to have been selected because of their “evocative” appeal.    I guess it’s the photographer’s choice how he chooses to approach the subject, but to me it seems somewhat of a pity that in this case the fact has been overlooked that the whole point of such avenues is that they are in fact an “avenue” – not just a a number of random trees (apparently 22 in the present case, out of over 3800).


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