London to Perth non-stop (2)

I previously expressed some doubt about the proposed Qantas non-stop flight between Perth and London (and vice versa).   However, I see that Qantas have now announced that this will in fact happen.

The transit arrangements in Perth have been “sorted” in that the flights will depart from the Qantas  domestic terminal in Perth.  While transiting in Perth may not appeal to people who start their journey in Sydney or Melbourne, it could be an attractive option for passengers from regional airports or possibly even Adelaide.

However, at least as yet, the issue of having enough fuel on the return journey to reach an alternative airport to Perth doesn’t appear to be so clear!   Some reservations about the idea are expressed here.   Qantas surely must have something in mind!

Additionally, a number of comments on the internet draw attention that Qantas are apparently configuring their 787s with 9 seats across in economy, meaning a narrow 17″ seat width – potentially a tight space to endure for 17 hours!   This compares with the  Qantas A380 which has a 17½” width – perhaps not a big difference, but when you’re in the middle seat, I guess every fraction of an inch counts!   I notice that Singapore Airlines offer a 19″ seat width on their A380s.


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