Christmas Cards

I really like Christmas cards, but our list became unmanageable so now wherever possible we send email greetings.   Even this has proven to be a “challenge” to manage, but I’m doing my best.   I know that some people manage to keep a data-base, but somehow I don’t seem to have the mental discipline to keep it up-to-date!

But another challenge that comes up occasionally is to identity some of the cards we receive.   This year, we received one from a couple that we just couldn’t identify.   True, we knew a couple with those names many years ago, but last heard (years back), they’d split up.   The card came through the mail with no return address, so we were scratching our heads!

img_8864Finally it dawned on us – it was a couple we’ve got to know in a different context and we were accustomed to calling one of them by a shortened version of their name (not the full name on the card)!


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