The Odd Couple

The people next to us didn’t return after the interval, which was a pity because the second half of MTC’s production of The Odd Couple was really excellent.   The first half, at least to my way of thinking, didn’t have quite the same sparkle.   This was because during this part there was a lot of emphasis on the “blokey poker games” that the Herald-Sun liked  but since “New York” style comedy isn’t my favourite, it seemed to drag a bit for me (although, of course, it’s the way the play is written).   The arrival of the Pigeon sisters after the interval meant that things moved along a lot more quickly.

This production is set in the 60s (as it was when it was originally produced) and it was certainly an entertaining night (as the Herald-Sun stated).   I thought the Age’s review got it right when it stated that there’s “a current of real poignancy under all the easy-to-take fun”.   On the other hand, this review took a more critical approach, concerned that the characters don’t have a “sense of credibility or depth”.  I think is a little harsh;  this is intended to be a lightweight show and these are not qualities that need to be (or even can be) developed in a comedy such as this.



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