Cursive script

I’ve seen reports from time to time that some countries are phasing out the teaching of cursive script to primary school students, and now apparently the possibility of moving in this direction is on the agenda here.

I can see the arguments on both sides here, although if less time is spent teaching students handwriting, I trust that they will be taught something meaningful instead (presumably students will spend more time on the keyboard?).   And if cursive script is not taught, will all written exams  be able to be done on a keyboard?   And what will the signatures of these students look like?

That said, when I went to school, the use of “printed letters” for writing (which at that time were – and presumably still are – taught before cursive script was introduced) was regarded as “babyish”, so will some stigma attach to those who write in this way?

And the point is made here that “handwriting remains one of the few practical handicrafts to which humans still adhere”.

img_8716Having said all this, I must admit that this isn’t an issue that I can get very concerned about.  I suppose I should say that my handwriting can be woeful at times (was it how I was taught?  Or is it just me?), and there are times when I resort to printed letters so as to ensure my writing can be read!


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