Morris Jones & Co

We ventured down to “uber cool” (?) Windsor with friends to Morris Jones & Co.   We were there early in the week, so the bar scene which seems to get a few comments here wasn’t in full swing (but there were still a lot of people out and about on the street).  In relation to the restaurant, it was nicely elegant, and there were some interesting dishes, too.   The website uses the expression “quirky”;  hmm, perhaps so, although these days a lot of food seems to be in that category.   We shared a couple of “small plates” (dumplings and chestnut gnocchi), but had individual “large plates” (lamb lamb shoulder and Gippsland duck).  The small plates were quite “shareable’, although I’m not sure how the logistics of sharing the large plates would have worked!    We also had some “triple cooked chips” as a side, which were great.   The presentation was lovely and explanations were provided as the dishes were served.

img_20161206_211911The wine list was quite interesting, although pricey (no surprises with this, of course).   So, all in all, a good evening.  The issue for us is, is Chapel St, Windsor really our scene?




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